Frequently Asked Questions

What tables should I choose

The main focus should be on roulette and blackjack. As these classic games are the most accessible, as many people will have had some experience of these games. If they haven’t they can start playing with a very brief explanation as they are relatively straightforward. Guests can learn the finer points as they are enjoying themselves playing. After all, if there are many guests and limited time it is not entertaining to spend a long time explaining complicated rules and odds.

Most 2 to 4 table packages we provide consist entirely of roulette and blackjack tables. We tend to use games such as craps tables (dice) or stud poker tables as part of larger packages. However the decision is ultimately yours and though we will offer advice you are free to choose any table combination you wish.

How many tables will I need for my event?

There is no hard and fast rule and it is always advisable to discuss this with us. The main factor to consider is the amount of guests attending. It is also important to consider any other entertainment that will be taking place. For example if a band or disco is playing simultaneously with the casino then this takes pressure of the casino allowing you more freedom to reduce table numbers without leaving guests with no entertainment.

It is also important to consider the impact you wish the casino to have; i.e At a fund-raising event with one hundred guests, if the casino is the main focus the 4 to 5 tables may be required. However if you are having a wedding reception with 100 people and there is a disco the 2 or 3 should be sufficient. Furthermore at large events particularly the casino is often used as a sideline entertainment with the main focus being on dancing or a comedian; i.e A large ball with 400 guests in attendance may only have 3 or 4 tables. Obviously in this case not everyone attending will be able to play, but if it is used as part of several other simultaneous entertainment options guests can choose what they wish to do, this can work very well.

What size are the tables and how much space will I need

If possible we tend to set tables along walls; i.e the dealer has his or her back to the wall with the table in front of them. This helps keeps the players the ‘right’ side of the table, making it easier to deal and also leaves the centre of the room free for other purposes. When planning space you must allow adequate space between and in front of the tables for the guests to play (and watch) comfortably.

  • Roulette tables are 10.5ft (note use of imperial) by 3.5ft
  • The card tables are D shaped, and are 5.5 feet at the longest point and 3.5ft at the apex of the D
  • Craps (dice tables) are from 14ft by 4.5ft and upwards.
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